Notice of New Electronic Submission for Annual Reports on Single Date for CAAHEP/CoAES


Beginning in 2017 we will be requiring all CAAHEP accredited programs to begin submitting their Annual Report electronically rather than the hard copy – paper based format of submission.

After several discussions, the CoAES board has come to a consensus that a set date submission for all programs to submit their Annual Report on July 1st 2017, and every year thereafter, is the most formidable way to go about this shift.

IF your program has an annual report due date prior to January 1st 2017, you will submit your report in the familiar paper based format.

IF your program has an annual report due date after January 1st 2017, you will be submitting your report electronically.

Electronic submission site:

To clarify, programs who are used to having an Annual Report due date before July 1st will have an extension, and programs who are used to having an Annual Report due date after July 1st will be required to submit earlier. We only ask that those programs who are required to submit Annual Reports earlier than usual submit what data they have during this transition. By 2018 things should go smoothly.

Further, Theresa Sisneros at CAAHEP will be contacting you with a username and password to login to the website where you will submit your report. She has created a webinar tutorial for each of the sections to help guide you through the submission process. Theresa and myself are here to assist you if you have any questions! Please feel free to reach out and ask.

We understand this is a big transition, but are confident that it will make things easier on your program and save more time in the long run.

A few items that may come to your attention:

  • In the Survey Worksheet Section : If you are unable to collect the minimum 15% of your gradate employer surveys please upload a summary of what you have in the related documents section.
  • The enrollment and retention tab and the student student roster tab work together.
Again, thank you for your cooperation during this transition. If you have questions or require assistance please reach out to me and I will be glad to help you. Your participation in CAAHEP accreditation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for raising the bar for exercise science education.